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Dear 0MINUS,

Thank you for your valuable work in spreading the scientific truth that has been suppressed from the start of the planned pandemic. I just wanted to add a comment to Dr Yanagisawa video regarding the almost 100-fold higher danger with the covid-vaccine compared with the flu shot. Since the data for the flu shot is over a 10-year period, and the deaths are 4, the difference is not almost 100-fold (94,5), and the 378 deaths were over a 3-year period, it is not comparable. One should take in concern to add up what the approximate covid-vaccine deaths would have been over a 10-year period. So the approximate deaths could be 1.258 (378 x 3,33)/10 years which give us a 314-fold death rate compared to the flue vaccine. With honor and respect for Dr Yanagisawa 🙏

Kind regards,

Lena Koroxenidou

B.Sc, M. Phil in Molecular Toxicology, Karolinska Institute Sweden

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Dear Lena,

Thanks a lot for your comment and analysis! I agree 100% with you, but I didn't want to distort Dr. Yanagisawa's talk. Thanks again for the comment and your interest. I feel honored having people like yourself reading my blog. :))

Best regards,


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